Fun Outdoor Activities to Try When in Montana

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June 19, 2015
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Fun Outdoor Activities to Try When in Montana

Fun Outdoors

Montana is located in Western United States and is known as the Big Sky Country. If you are ever in Montana, there are some outdoor activities you should consider doing.

Winter Fun

It snows in Montana, plus it has numerous mountain ranges; this is a great combination for some winter fun. Downhill skiing is quite popular in the state of Montana.


If you’re an avid hunter, Montana will excite you. Animals such as elks, moose, mule deer, black bears and bison can be hunted, of course, during their respective hunting season.

Fly Fishing

A popular outdoor activity in Montana is fly fishing. There are many lakes and rivers that are prime locating for a little fly fishing.

Contact Montana Fly Fishing Lodge if you want to have a fly fishing adventure. Don’t let your stay in Montana pass by without a little outdoor adventure.

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