A Fly Fisher’s Paradise 2
A Fly Fisher’s Paradise
January 27, 2015
Three Reasons to Give Fly Fishing a Try 2
Three Reasons to Give Fly Fishing a Try
March 20, 2015
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Fly Fishing Tips for the Winter

Fly Fishing Tips for the Winter 2

Angling in the Wintertime

Fly fishing is a great hobby that requires skills, finesse, and sometimes strategy. With the winter months comes a new set of rules. We have compiled a few tips and tricks that will ensure you do not come home empty handed.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Stalk Softly- While fish are less skittish during the colder months, they can still be scared away by movement. We suggest you slow your pace even during winter as the water is lower and there is less traffic in the water.
  2. Cast High- Moving higher up the bank to cast will ensure that the long shadows caused by the lower winter sun will not frighten fish away. This will enable you to stake fish out as you have a better view.
  3. Muted Colors- The light is different in the wintertime, it is best to not only wear muted colors but to use bait of darker colors as well. As you blend into the environment, the more inclined the trout will be to approach your lure.

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