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Beaverhead River

Beaverhead River a tail water fishery which flows below the Clark Canyon Reservoir, is conceivable the best trophy trout stream in Montana. The Beaverhead is predominately a brown trout fishery with huge Rainbows mixed in. This cottonwood and willow lined stream produces prolific hatches of Caddis flies, Mayflies, little yellow Stoneflies & Crane flies. Beaverhead River is one of Montana's premier brown trout fishing rivers, producing more large trout, particularly brown trout, than any other river in the state.The local FWP fisheries biologist, Matt Yeager, stated that he was very excited about the Beaverhead River for the upcoming season due to the numbers and size of fish." In a recent public meeting of the Beaverhead Watershed the topic was the state of the area fisheries."

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Big Hole River

Big Hole River is one of the most scenic trout streams in the country. The Big Hole has many personalities exhibited throughout its course beginning in the Rockies and ending at the confluence with the Beaverhead to form the Jefferson. The rare Arctic Grayling can be caught in sections above Divide. Below Divide the river enter a narrow steep canyon whose beauty is unsurpassed and where Big Horn Sheep are its residents. The Big Hole is world renowned for its Salmon fly hatch. Tricos, Green Drakes, Caddis and Golden Stoneflies also hatch-out at different times throughout the season. Terrestrials and Streamers can offer action in late summer and fall.

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Madison River

Madison River is a gorgeous blue ribbon trout stream. "One big riffle" is the exciting, dominating feature of these world famous waters. As you drift downstream, the Madison river's personality begins to change ever so slowly. The Madison becomes a river that winds and braids, in the lower stretches, creating deep holes punctuated by shallow riffles. Truly BIG SKY country!

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Other Rivers

The Ruby

The Ruby , a miniature Beaverhead, is great for wade fishing. These waters can be very productive.

Poindexter Slough

POINDEXTER SLOUGH is a public spring creek just minutes from Dillon. Dry fly fishing is at its best with prolific hatches and lots of hungry waiting trout. Small flies are a must. Hatches include Midges, Caddis and a large variety of Mayflies.

Clark Canyon

Clark Canyon home to rainbows and browns is one of the more famous reservoirs to catch trophy trout on fly. If you are looking for the trout of a lifetime, Clark Canyon could be the destination for you. Streamer and nymph fishing are the predominate methods used though rising trout can be found.

Private Water

Private Water including ponds and spring creeks are available to those who want an isolated fly fishing experience (advance booking required).