Simms Waders and Boots

Simms Waders and Boots

Simms will inspire anglers to pursue the passion of fly fishing by redefining comfort in all conditions. Wherever you fish, you're going to find fishing guides. And wherever you find fishing guides, you're going to find Simms. Guides need gear that is functional, innovative and can withstand whatever abuse they put it through. What does that mean for someone who's not a professional guide? Anything that's designed to meet the performance needs of guides is gear you can count on. Simms. The choice of professional guides. And anyone else who lives to fish.

Simms is a fishing company. They have enjoyed success by staying true to the original vision of their company by building the highest quality products to keep customers dry, comfortable and protected from the elements in any fishing conditions. They work with the very best materials suppliers in the world in their commitment to make high performance, technical clothing and outerwear.

Simms is the only wader manufacturer in the US, and one of three worldwide that is licensed by W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc. to make GORE-TEX® waders. They compete through innovation and quality. The staff is largely comprised of committed anglers who understand the importance of quality, dependable fishing gear. They use Simms products all the time, and contribute significantly to our continuous improvement efforts.

Simms Fishing Products was started in 1980 by John Simms, a well-known and respected fishing guide and outfitter in Jackson, WY. A creative guy and talented artist, John wanted to enhance the fishing experience by developing better waders and accessories. Simms was the second company in the world to introduce neoprene waders in the mid-eighties, which is when the company really started to take shape. At that time, Simms was purchased by a division of Life-Link International in Jackson, WY, and the brand continued to progress.

In 1993, K.C. Walsh, a passionate angler and entrepreneur, acquired Simms and relocated the business to Bozeman, MT. Walsh had grown up in a fly fishing family and developed a passion for angling at a young age, mostly fishing the Eastern Sierra of California. It was his life-long dream to live in Montana.

The same year that Walsh acquired the company, Simms introduced breathable waders in a pioneering effort with W.L. Gore & Associates (makers of GORE-TEX® fabric) that changed the face of fishing waders and opened up new possibilities for the sport.

Although Simms has grown and evolved over the years, their vision remains the same - to build the highest quality products to keep customers dry, comfortable and protected from the elements in any condition.

Simms unveiled the world’s first fishing-specific Vibram-soled wading boots in 2009. Simms offers boot models, a wading sandal and a wading shoe with soles featuring Vibram® Streamtread™ soles. Additionally, Simms boots and waders are designed with “CleanStream™ technology,” a design philosophy that uses materials and production techniques making it more difficult for microorganisms to attach and makes wading gear easier to properly clean.

Simms and Vibram have worked together to produce an ultra-grippy, super-sticky rubber sole that works as well as felt in virtually all wet and aquatic conditions. The partnership between Vibram and Simms has resulted in a boot that combines the best performance features of felt with the environmental benefits of rubber. The new soles have been field tested extensively.

New Zealand has placed a ban on felt bootssince the 2008 season. A number of U.S. states where aquatic nuisance species are found have reportedly discussed the possibility of outlawing felt-soles.

Additionally, Simms has agreed to work with conservation organizations and other companies within the fishing industry to develop a certification process to highlight gear designed to help prevent the spread of ANS and disease.

Simms Expanded Product Line:
New Products Debut at FFR

FFR - If you’ve stumbled down a stream bank in the pre-dawn hours and knew – just knew – that the pulsating river at your feet was full of big, hungry fish then you can relate to the electric feeling running through Simms® these days.

Simms is wading into extraordinary territory at the FlyFishing Retailer Expo, introducing new products – from boots and waders to sportswear, outerwear, vests and packs – in the most aggressive product expansion in the 28-year history of the Montana-based company.

Highlights of the product line include:

  • The world’s first Vibram® soled wading boots with exclusive Simms StreamTread™ grip sole. Simms will offer eight footwear models with sure-footed, easy-to-clean Vibram soles including wading boots designed especially for women anglers, sandals and wading shoes. These boots have been extensively field-tested and in virtually every fishing situation have preformed as well as felt-soled boots.
  • A new finish process for the expanded sportswear collection. Simms’ exclusive COR3 Technology™ fabric finish has a UPF rating of 30+, anti-microbial properties to minimize odor and outstanding wicking performance. The rallying cry for CORE3 is “No sun, no stink, no sweat, no iron,” all of which are big benefits to those who want to do more fishing than laundry. Additionally, there are new pants, shorts and stylish, functional shirts for all types and sizes of anglers.
  • New made-in-the USA GORE-TEX® waders like lightweight Headwaters™ stockingfoots in both men’s and women’s styles and the Headwaters™ pants for those days when chest-highs are just too much. Simms is also introducing three waders with premium design features utilizing Toray® QuadraLam™ technology.
  • Updated versions of Simms’ award-winning fishing vests and a collection of all-new backpacks, day packs and chest packs. Simms’ waterproof Dry Creek™ line has been refigured, too, with offerings including everything from boat bags to flats packs.
  • Redesigned features on a number of technical outerwear products, including new colors on the G4 Pro jacket, and updates to the best-selling G3 Guide jacket.
  • New casual-wear T-shirts designed by leading fishing artists Jeff Currier, Derek DeYoung and Mike Stidham – with a retail price under $30.

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