Andrew Bennett is the Owner/Outfitter of Backcountry Angler and has been guiding the rivers of Montana and SW Montana in particular for the past 23 years. Somewhere along the way, at a very young age he cannot remember anymore, he came down with the proverbial fly fishing bug and has not found a cure for it to this day. Growing up in Ohio there weren’t a whole lot of everyday fly fishing opportunities around, but if it had a fin, he found a way to catch it. After moving to Bozeman and attending Montana State University he began his fly fishing career on the Yellowstone and Madison rivers, teaching the everyday beginner in the post river runs through era the ins and outs of the sport and instilling his love and passion for it. After Bozeman, he found a home in Dillon, Mt where he currently resides with his amazing wife and fly shop guru Chelsey and his two Amazing daughters Addie and Bella. Andy has spent countless years, days and hours on the water and knows the ins and outs of every nook and cranny of SW Montana rivers. He prides himself on being one of the most patient people in the world, always carries a smile and continues to love to share the sport of fly fishing to the rawest of beginners to the seasoned pros.