Dillon Montana Fishing Report

Beaverhead River Rainbow

Big Hole River 6/15/24

  • Big hole is amazing right now!  Everything you imagine when fishing a trout filled river is out there.  Hatches of yellow sallies, pmd’s, caddis, golden stones, and still some salmon flies, are bringing lots of fish to the surface.

Beaverhead River 6/15/24

  • Flows have evened out and the fishing is great.  PMD’s are still very close to full on hatch and the fish have really started keying in on the nymphs.  

Beaverhead River 6/12/24

  • Fishing remains about as rewarding as it gets.  We are in the middle of a bug transition and there have been some PMDs flying around and the fish are keying in on the nymphs.  Great dry fly fishing is right around the corner!!

Big Hole River 6/12/24

  • Salmon Flies are up and down the entire river, and in certain stretches of the day the fish are slamming those big bugs on top.  Time to get out there and have fun, stop in the shop for the latest patterns.

Big Hole River 6/9/24

  • The Big Hole River is fantastic up and down its reaches right now.  Salmon flies have popped in the canyon to glen and I would anticipate below Jerry Creek today.  Grab your big ugly dries and go have some fun.

Beaverhead River 6/9/24

  • The Beaverhead is fishing really well right now.  First few sightings of PMDs and the fish have really started to key in on the nymphs.  Its high and mighty with irrigation so find those soft spots.  

Beaverhead 6/5/24

  • Flows are starting to level out and the fishing remains great.  Getting a little high to wade in some places.  Fish are still eating scuds, baetis and starting to eat some pmd nymphs.  

Beaverhead River 6/3/24

  • Flows are still fluctuating with irrigation demands but until they bump the flow the fishing is fantastic. Scuds and baetis stuff still the main game.  

Big Hole River 6/3/24

  • The river remains in great shape and flows have been consistent. We have been picking up some great fish on the upper river with san juan worms, lightning bugs, and various baetis nymphs.  Salmon flies are close-next couple of weeks.  

Beaverhead River 5/31/24

  • The fishing remains to be pretty darn great! The fish are still eating scud, baetis nymphs, san juan worms and midges on the upper river.  Some flow fluctuations have slowed things down early afternoon, but then it picks right back up.

Big Hole River 5/27/24

  • The Big Hole has been on fire this last week, flows are great and the caddis are popping like crazy on the warm days.  Lots of fish to the boat so far this season and still no zombie trout.  We must be getting lucky and not getting any, according to FWP they are everywhere and the river is in poor shape but we just aren’t seeing it!!

Beaverhead River 5/25/24

  • The bite has been fast and furious the last few days. Fish are still eating scuds, midges, and baetis patterns.  Remember to look out for tagged fish and as always please keep pictures and tag removals to the shortest time possible and keep those hands wet

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