Beaverhead River

Beaverhead River

The Beaverhead River is a tail water blue ribbon trout stream Known for its large rainbows and browns.

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The Beaverhead River is a tail water blue ribbon trout stream known for its large rainbows and browns.The river produces more large trout, particularly brown trout, than any other river in the state. The local FWP fisheries biologist, Matt Yeager, is currently working hard on some great innovative projects on the Beaverhead River to further enhance one of the best wild trout fisheries in the country.

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The Beaverhead river starts below Clark Canyon Reservoir. The dam was completed in 1964 and this this "one big spring creek" water winds north through pastures and foothills to Dillon. The water continues the journey to its confluence in an open valley to Twin Bridges where the Ruby flows in and later joins with the Big Hole to form the Jefferson. This river is predominately a brown trout fishery with large rainbow trout in the upper reaches. Most of the fly fishing occurs between the Clark Canyon Reservoir and Dillon.
This cottonwood and willow lined stream produces prolific hatches of Caddis flies, Mayflies, little yellow Stoneflies & Crane flies. Terrestrials such as hoppers on the lower sections can produce fun-filled days.The dry fly fishing can be tremendous depending upon time of year and flows. Nymph fishing is consistent throughout the year. Streamers can be very exciting on the right day because of the large number of brown trout. There are many undercut banks that lend themselves to this type of technique.

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Beaverhead River best accessed with a knowledgably guide due to the amount of private property surrounding the stream. FWP and BOR have greatly improved a couple of the boat ramps on the Beaverhead River and most days we utilize drift boats to access key runs and riffles.These large fish can be very selective at times, but our guides are experts at spotting fish and casting to individual browns and rainbows in key runs. We guide from early spring through the fall. Test your skills against wild trout amid the beauty of Southwestern Montana. Tom Smith's Backcountry Angler Fly Fishing Guide Service, Lodging Facility and Fly Shop also offers guided fly fishing trips on the Big Hole, the Madison, and other waters throughout Southwestern Montana. We have a deluxe River Lodge a stone's throw from the Beaverhead River for your comfort and enjoyment with a staff who are always attentive to your every comfort.