Mark was raised by a fish crazed dad who always purchased fishing gear for his birthday. He started casting a fly rod and tying flies at age 10. He grew up fishing many of the iconic lakes and rivers of the Western States and Canada. He learned to row his dad’s drift boat on the Green River in Utah and the Bow River in Canada. When Mark settled in S.W. Montana, he started fishing with some new guide friends, but he never saw them during the guide season. They mentored him on Montana rivers during the early and late fishing season because they wanted to fish and Mark could handle the sticks. Worden is also a woodworker and handcrafts custom landing nets for himself and his friends. Mark will listen to your fishing stories on a float trip or during the beautiful ride to the boat launch, but make sure to ask him if he has fished your favorite spot here in the West. He just might have a few stories for you as well. Mark is knowledgeable, but not so proud that he is not willing to learn from any fly-fisher. He is patient with all and realizes that catching fish is a big part of the float experience, but certainly not all. He will make sure from the advantage of the rower’s seat to not only put you on fish, but to point out the amazing natural sights and wildlife here in S.W. Montana. He looks forward to taking you fishing in his home waters, having lived in Dillon, MT for over 18 years. Mark often says, “We are so blessed to live here!” And his family saying passed down from generation to generation is “ONE MORE CAST!” You know there are stories behind that!